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A gripping read!
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INTO PRINT - a unique limited edition created in 1 day!
Into Print
Each group member contributes two pages to the book
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Book-makers at work
Into Print
Books created by a Men's Group

Course summary

A creative adventure suitable for groups of up to ten - friends, family, colleagues, neighbours. Express yourself in images and words (possible themes infinite!) and learn how to bind the group's printed writing into your own hardback anthology.

Tell me more ...

Begin the day with an art session. Depending on the theme or project, use ink, coloured pencil, crayon, collage or perhaps photography to create a montage cover for the limited edition of books your group will produce and illustrated content to enhance the words on each of the pages. Your artwork will be scanned for the publication and you will keep your original creations.

After a break for coffee it's time to begin working with words. Haven't written a piece of creative writing since school-days? Think you can't do it? Think again! Alan will guide you through the creative writing process and convince you that everyone has a great piece of poetry or prose waiting to be let out!

In the meantime using publishing software Juliet typesets, collates and prints the group's artwork and writing onto the finest quality Italian paper. After lunch she then guides group members through the book-making process. The book is A6 size and contains 14-24 pages, has a hardback case with cloth covered spine, coloured endpaper and the group's printed and fixed cover - see photographs, left.

What is provided?

All materials and equipment are provided. Each member of the group will create their own handbound copy of the group's anthology to take away.

For courses run from our studio we can also provide buffet lunch, home-baked treats and refreshments.

At the end of the course you will have ...

  • been part of a collective enterprise
  • learnt how to make a book
  • experimented with visual and written creativity
  • captured and preserved something for all time
  • been challenged creatively and practically
  • explored emotions and ideas
  • been shown a path to potential new interests
  • learnt how creative ideas can be generated and realised
  • made a book which is part of a unique edition
  • met new people
  • had fun!

What size groups?

INTO PRINT is a flexible course, ideally suited for groups of eight to ten people with each group member contributing two pages to the anthology. The course can be run in a single day or split into separate sessions to be run over 2 or 3 days.

What age?

Suitable for all ages (please note sharp scalpels and needles are used briefly during the book-making session - under 14s should be accompanied by a supervising adult).