• develop confidence in expressing ideas
  • explore alternative pathways to creative solutions
  • develop receptivity and tolerance to alternative thinking
  • understand the value of decisiveness
  • summarise and distil concepts
  • work in an organised way
  • share in a creative project
  • understand the value of refining ideas
  • be an equal member of the team
  • have fun!

BOOKWORK is a mobile course. We can bring the activity to a seminar room at your premises or organise an "away day" at a venue with something special to offer. (We are building a list of partner venues including the Saatchi Gallery and Dorney Lake, the 2012 Olympic Rowing venue.)

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Our new corporate book-making course BOOKWORK is designed to open minds and sharpen decisiveness, organisational skills and attention to detail. BOOKWORK is a unique corporate activity that uses practical creativity to raise confidence in self-expression and art history to open pathways to openmindedness.

Unlike other corporate courses, BOOKWORK involves the creation of a physical product - a limited edition of books with a copy for each participant to take away and two course leaders with experience and qualifications in the business and learning sectors. The course is founded on the principles of "group ownership" and making work fun: the project is impossible without each individual's contribution to the whole.

BOOKWORK is a highly flexible course that can be tailored to large or small groups (size 6-24). The benefits of making books together, thinking outside the box and learning to feel comfortable expressing ideas will have a lasting effect on your business or organisation.