We can make special books for you

Occasionally we receive requests to make commissioned books. These have ranged from personalised blank noteboooks to bespoke poetry collections or memoirs ...

A handmade book is a luxury item and takes time to make, but will last for generations and is unique. If you have a special project, or would like a poetry collection or other book written to order please ask.

"We are all of us thrilled to receive the highly professional bound memory book - it's a beautiful thing. Please thank Alan for the artwork - it is charming to think about "Romilly's World", and I find my mind returns again and again to the concept. All in all I think it is a happy, brightly magical thing. We will do our very best to do justice to such a beautiful book and will find it a constant pleasure."

Matt, Romilly's father

Commission an edition - and help make it!

The Shell

Cathy is an artist and illustrator and wanted to create a small edition of books containing a poem her mother wrote (many years ago) as a young woman.

In advance, she produced the artwork for the cover and forwarded the poem for typesetting. She then came along with a friend and spent an afternoon with us making the finished edition of books. She now has a wonderful set of heirlooms to pass on to family members and we have the book's contents digitally stored should further copies be needed.

Special Project?