Professional artist and writer Alan studied Cultural History for his first degree and trained as a teacher at Durham University. He also has an MA in Education. He has held solo art shows at the Hay Festival and in London, and has collaborated as artist with both the Royal Shakespeare Company and Glyndebourne Opera. Portraits he has painted include for Sting, Seamus Heaney, Ken Russell and Sir Bob Geldof.


Juliet started bookbinding in 2008 (taught by the legendary Maureen Duke) and has created limited editions of Alan's poetry as well as exclusive books for special occasions - christenings, weddings and significant birthdays. For many years she worked in the IT industry as an analyst/programmer, but now works on the technical aspects of Alan's creative projects, building websites and ... book-making.

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The sketches on this page ...

Alan scribbled a layout for this page on a scrap of paper. We liked the drawings so much we've kept them in, but roll your mouse over the sketches to see what we really look like!

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